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List of Running Distances at the Olympic Games

The Olympic Games feature a large range of running distances in the sport of track and field, ranging from the 100m sprint up to the marathon long distance race.

  • 100 meters – run in a straight line. There is also the women's hurdle race over the same distance.
  • 110 meters – the men's hurdle sprint race is over 110m.
  • 200 meters – around one bend and one straight (half a lap).
  • 400 meters – a complete lap of the running track. There is also a 400m relay event, where four runners complete 100m each. There is also a 400m running race over hurdles.
  • 800 meters – a middle distance race (or a long sprint for some), two full laps of the track.
  • 1500 meters – another middle distance event, 3 and 3/4 laps. Also called the metric mile.
  • 1600 meters – a relay event, where four runners complete 400m each.
  • 3000 meters – steeplechase, 7.5 laps of the track, jumping over hurdles including one water jump each lap.
  • 5,000 meters – 12.5 laps of the track.
  • 10,000 meters – 25 laps of the track.
  • 42,200 meters – the marathon is run over a distance of 42.2km or 26.2 miles. It is held on roads outside of the stadium.

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