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Tour de France Winners List (women)

Since 1955, various professional women's cycle stage races across France have historically been held as an equivalent to the Tour de France for women. The winners from all of these events are shown.

Year Winner Country
2023 Demi Vollering The Netherlands
2022 Annemiek van Vleuten The Netherlands
2010-2021 no events held
2009 Emma Pooley UK
2008 Christiane Soeder  Austria
2007 Nicole Cooke  UK
2006 Nicole Cooke  UK
2005 Priska Doppmann  Switzerland
2004 no event held
2003 Joane Somarriba   Spain
2002 Zinaida Stahurskaia  Belarus
2001 Joane Somarriba  Spain
2000 Joane Somarriba  Spain
1999 Diana Žiliūtė Lithuania
1998 Edita Pučinskaitė Lit
1997 Fabiana Luperini  Italy
1996 Fabiana Luperini Italy
1995 Fabiana Luperini Italy
1994 Valentina Polkhanova  Russia
1993 Heidi Van de Vijver  Belgium
1993 Leontien van Moorsel The Netherlands
1992 Leontien van Moorsel  The Netherlands
1992 Leontien van Moorsel  The Netherlands
1991 Astrid Schop The Netherlands
1990 Catherine Marsal  France
1989 Jeannie Longo France
1988 Jeannie Longo  France
1987 Jeannie Longo  France
1986 Maria Canins  Italy
1985 Maria Canins Italy
1984 Marianne Martin  USA
1956-1983 no events held
1955 Millie Robinson Ireland



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